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WVT Laboratory specializes in Toxicology Testing.

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, WVT Laboratory is a CLIA licensed and accredited high complexity clinical reference laboratory currently providing testing solutions for Family Practice and Internal Medicine, Pain Management, and Treatment Providers nationwide. WVT Laboratory participates in proficiency testing through the College of American Pathologists to ensure our results are held to the highest standard.

WVT Laboratory prides itself in providing our partners with the highest quality technical support and customer service in a prompt and professional manner.



Urine is the preferred biologic specimen to test for the presence of parent drugs and their metabolites. Advantages of urine drug testing includes a non-invasive collection procedure, longer stability at ambient temperatures without the need for additives, longer analyte detection window and an increased frequency of the presence of drug metabolites. Urine drug screening is one of the most common testing methods used by healthcare practitioners and treatment providers to monitor patient prescription drug use, and is also utilized by employers and law enforcement agencies to screen for drugs prohibited by law.

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COVID-19 Testing

Specialists at Oregon State University’s veterinary laboratory figured they could help the state ramp up testing for coronavirus. They run a sophisticated facility with state-of-the-art testing equipment, and they’re experts at diagnostics and tracking viruses. WVT Laboratory has the necessary certification from CMS to conduct COVID-19 testing. It also has an approved records system that meets federal privacy regulations for patients. In a joint effort, our labs will work together with healthcare providers to provide fast and accurate COVID-19 testing.

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